Open Mind Jazz

Great, Soulful, Improvisational Jazz!

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Open Mind Jazz is a music label established by Bruce Gertz, a well-known jazz bassist and professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Gertz has been composing and producing music for over 35 years. Compelled by the many positive developments in music technology over the past few decades, Gertz has endeavored to gain more control of the production of his original music by mastering these wonderful new tools. Open Mind Jazz is the newest and latest chapter in Gertz's ongoing growth as a contemporary jazz musician; he is excited to share his vision with jazz fans and students alike!

There are now 11 recordings now available on the Open Mind Jazz label. Check out the Music page and OMJ-radio to listen.

Gertz taped his first date as a bandleader in 1991, and has shown a consistency that the vast majority of his better-known contemporaries have failed to match. Ask him about his evolution and he will note that he has become a “less selfish” musician over time, one more aware of his listeners, but this has not led him to dumb his music down or to momentarily pursue fashionable trends. As with his previous efforts, the music he creates here has the power to evoke feeling, thought, and motion. He continues to work at it, and the fruit of his efforts is unmistakable every time he plays.
— Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe
It’s apparent from the first track of Open Mind that Gertz belongs in the front rank of contemporary bassists, unquestionably the equal of more celebrated NYC counterparts. He’s got solid but flexible time, a deep, warm tone and a sophisticated harmonic foundation. He’s capable of pushing a group, but he’s also a good team player. For Open Mind, he has assembled a heavy-duty crew of peers.
— Charles Farrell,

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